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My Boy APK

As phones got smarter developers appended many new and advanced features in it. Now we can play games with good graphics or these games have better graphics than any computer game. There are many smartphones available in the market and we know that still we have not found the phone which is perfect and performance is the best. Many of us love to play games instead we love to play heavy games with cool graphics. But not all phones are compatible to take up the load so here comes the role of My Boy APK.

My Boy APK

What is My Boy APK?

My Boy APK is an emulator that enables one to load games on android devices. My Boy is the emulator which allows one to play the Gameboy Advance games on Android device of any range from low-end phones to latest phones or tablets. My Boy apk emulates almost all the aspects of the real hardware correctly. My Boy apk or Game Boy Advance emulator can play all the games on your device, you can play latest games perfectly on the low-end phone. By downloading this emulator you can enjoy the games till their full extent.

What Makes My Boy APK Unique?

There are many features of My Boy that makes it better than the other emulators available in the market. Here are some of its features:

  1. Helps save battery from draining: Installing this app you can save your maximum battery while playing games. It is compatible with a lot of heavy games and you can play any games without facing an issue on any Android device. This emulator supports the link cable emulation with decent speed. So you can link it on the same device or you can across device by the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  2. Supports Sensor Games: Many games work on the sensor it may be Tilt, Solar sensor the My Boy Apk emulator supports all the sensors like Gyroscope/tilt/solar sensor and rumble. So you will never face any problems while playing games which works on sensors. You can enter Enter/ GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheat codes while playing games. Also, you can enable or disable them on the fly means when you are running the game. The sensor features are available in only paid version as few games requires sensors like gyroscope/tilt sensor for emulation from Android’s motion sensors, the games like racing games or few adventerous games requires sensors for the quick performance.
  3. Supports IPS or UPS ROM: Many times for the emulation we need the separate BIOS file but for the My Boy, it comes with high-level BIOS emulation. It supports the IPS or UPS ROM patching.
  4. Fast and Forward: Heavy games have stories which explain what you want to do or something about the game but it is boring and this emulator helps to fast forward or to skip the long stories. Few levels are fast and you cannot complete them on the first try then it will help you to slow down the game levels and you can easily complete any level of the game perfectly. Other games like Clash of Clans, Teen Patti, Asphalt 8 requires entering your name while playing this games.
  5. On Screen Keypad: My Boy APK has on screen keypad and it has all the buttons also there are shortcut buttons like Save or Load. So you will never face any problems while playing any game. But this feature supports only Android with v2.2 and later and your phone must be multi touch. It has very powerful screen layout editor with this you can define the position and the size of the each and every on-screen control, also you can define position and size of the game video.
  6. Emulate External Game Control: If you want to make your gaming experience more realistic then you can add external game controls like MOGA controllers. They have to use the OpenGL to render the backend. By using this you normal render the device without the use of the GPS. It has cool video filter through GLSL shaders.
  7. Easy To Use: This emulator is easy to use and it has simple and clean User Interface which makes your every work easy. If you want to play games then there is need of the creating your profiles.
  8. Create and Shift Key Mapping: With My Boy APK, you can create or you can shift to different key mapping profiles very easily. It enables you to create the shortcuts so that you can launch the games from the desktop and it will save your time if you are a game addict. All the features are integrated with the latest Android.
  9. Auto Save: As well as there is auto save and auto load feature which makes your work easier. In the free version you can fast forward the long stories but in the pro version you can speed up greater than 2x or till 16x and this will take you to the game in no time.
  10. Write Cheat Codes: Few games require the cheat codes to make the better experience or to live longer in each game and to do this you can write the multiple line of cheat code in single time. This features makes your gaming performance much better.
  11. Create Multiple Screen Layouts: You can create the multiple screen layouts profiles. In free and in paid version you can link up as a server with your friend as it will be the other side client.

All these features makes the emulator most advanced emulator. This emulator comes with the less restriction. Sensor topic has given the vast experience and has taken the gaming performance to the next level.

My Boy APK Download

My Boy APK Pro Version:

The app gives the best gaming experience and they are really best for everything. If you want more features in the My boy Emulator then you can shift to the pro version. You can get many features and it will you freedom to play games according to your wish. As every game have lots of ads. These ads are quite annoying because if you want the game it will show the ads or if you start the game then firstly it will show the ads and then it will take you to the game. But by using the pro or paid version of the emulator you can remove all the ads, the ads from the emulator as well as from the games. In the free version you cannot save or load the games in the emulator but in the paid version you can save or load them as they have multiple slots.

Conclusion of My Boy APK:

My Boy apk allows you to do everything as per wish. This app is totally legal and it supports all the Android phones so your phone can support all the latest and heavy games without any issues. If you found out bugs in the apps then you can tell it to the developers and they will solve it immediately. My Boy can run all the GameBoy advance games without giving any issues. If you want to run GB games then you need to download and install the My old boy emulator. In this emulator no games are included if you need any game then you have to download it in legal way. You can save it in your SD card or phone memory. Also, if you want to access to the games then there is no need to open My Boy APK, you can open it from the icon of the game.

GameBoy advance or GBA supports so many games and fulfills your dream of playing game with so many new and advanced experiences. The pro version of My Boy apk or My oldboy apk gives you everything you want. By purchasing the apps you can unlock all the features like you can save your game in middle or while playing games the battery drains quickly but it will help you too long last you battery, you can write the multiple lines cheat code and even more compatibility.

If you are enabled to complete the game or to you think that there is less time given for the completion of the level or game then you can slow down the game or its timing by using this emulator. Sometimes due to heavy games your smartphone hangs then it makes problems while playing and it irritates you but My Boy emulator is the best emulator, your phone will never hang or it give any issues. Another interesting feature about My Boy apk is that there is no need of the separate BIOS file. It comes with high-level BIOS emulation. In latest Android version v7.0 Nougat there were few bugs. The app was crashing in this version but now the problem is solved so whenever you find any bugs to can tell it to developers and they will solve it in no time and emulator will give more stunning experience. You can download this app from Google Play Store or you can get it My Boy apk from its official website.